Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Location Flash

My good friend Mark is always a trust worthy model. This is one of my favorite of the batch.
My mother at her art studio. I was happy how this turned out, another one of my favorites.

Gabe Laduke, local skatepark owner/good friend.

Self portrait..I Like the tiles in this one. This is my "Liebowitz" effect shot but i went to the extreme side of under exposing the background, i feel the low key quality adds to the photo.

Location flash is awesome, i really enjoyed working with it. I think of so many possibilities, and i still need to experiment with it.


  1. Great shots! I really like the one of your mother and your self-portrait! Where did you shoot it?

  2. I agree with Matt, I specially like the portrait of your mother. Besides having an interesting composition and perfect lighting the image really shows a strong personality. Congratulations.