Thursday, November 26, 2009

Still Life

Here is my window lighting shot. It was actually lit from a sky light in my dining room. My mom was holding up a nice table clothe, and i asked her to drop it so i could capture it in movement. The purpose was to elevate the idea of movement.
This is the shot i took at f/1.8 in the studio. I did a square crop to get ride of the black space on the top.
this is the shot i took at f/11 in the studio. I cropped it because there was unnecessary grey on the bottom, i think the crop worked.

This was a fun assignment. Although i wished my mother would have let me take her sculpture too school, but she doesn't trust me with her nice things. I had to beg her for her scarf and bracelet.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This image is one i found on flickr. I really like the effect given to the hands, it looks like they are coming out of water filled with flower pedals. I love this image.
This is my moms boot. I figured i would just scan anything i could find that interested me. This boot is leather and i wanted to get its texture and the crumpled top. I liek the way it turned ou, especially the haziness surrounding it.
I was scared that the light that passed by my face was dangerous for my eyes, so i pulled my hat down covered my face. I made it black and white in photoshop, i also exaggerated the weird pattern on either of my face. On the original scan there were grey, black and white crisscross patterns. I find this looks like i'm trying to block all the  the noise and confusing lines, i really like this effect.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Butterfly lighitng

sorry i didnt realize i hadnt posted it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Split lighting
Short lighting with no fill.
Short with fill.
Creative Portrait. I wanted to shoot my friend James because of his interesting haircut. I tried many ways to get his face and flip of the hair lit, and this was the best shot i got. I like that shadow on top of the eye closest to the camera, and how you can see the catch lights in both eyes. I do believe i could have shot a better image if i had more time with James.
Classic Portrait.